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We are a social networking group tailored to developers, lenders and investors in the Toronto Real Estate community. We host events at Toronto’s newest and most elevated venues, providing a unique alternative to traditional industry networking events. Our social events allow individuals to bring new ideas together, form friendships, build partnerships and develop business deals.

TREL was formed with the intent of creating a space outside of traditional business spaces where friends and clients could get together informally. As more and more individuals started attending the gatherings TREL began to develop into an organized group to treat the demand for this type of networking opportunity. Over the past 3 years, TREL has grown to a network of over 500 real estate professionals across Toronto with the shared drive to grow relationships that build legacies.

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We are proud to introduce our hard working committee group. This diverse group of individuals enable TREL to make sure the needs of its members are met and heard. We strive to ensure our events continue to provide excellent opportunities for Real Estate professionals to meet, share industry knowledge and build not only working relationships and partnerships but friendships.

Jacob Iftah

KSM Developments

Get to Know Jacob

The Shang for me is a true landmark that helps make Toronto a top gateway global city, regardless of my bias haha..

Before my amazing wife and my passion for Real Estate, football is my first love.

Jonah Brown

Canada ICI Capital Corp.

Get to Know Jonah

The industry’s overwhelming drive to push boundaries and cross-collaborate. Whether it be reaching new building heights, incorporating new build forms, or the ability to integrate heritage properties into modern design, I love that the industry as a whole has surpassed the years of simply building mundane single-purpose buildings, and is focused on placemaking – building communities that compliment what already exists.  

The ROM (Royal Ontario Museum). The juxtaposition of the jagged crystalline cladding, and the symmetrical heritage building beneath make for a really shocking yet stunning silhouette. When seen up-close, the blend of the glass, aluminum frame, and original brick, really complement one another and bring an incredible vibrancy to the Bloor street front.

Contrary to the Suits vibe I give off in my day-to-day, I love wilderness and the outdoors. In a past life, I even worked as a wilderness/ canoe trip guide.

Olivia Kahng


Get to Know Olivia

The people – everyone is smart, fun and friendly to deal with, and generally speaking we share the same goals of ensuring the continuity of our industry through an emphasis on mentorship and helping each other out.

The EY Tower – front facade has maintained its heritage design meanwhile the inside of the building is stunning and modern, with beautiful high ceilings, large glass windows and spectacular views of the city.

I consider myself a jock and love playing all sports. Despite my stature, I played competitive basketball growing up and will gladly take anyone up on a one-on-one or shooting competition 😊 I have season tickets to the Raptors and spend lots of time watching our boys play.

Ariana Stultz

Terra Media Design Ltd

Get to Know Ariana

I love how it has evolved and the fluidness of it. From the planning and design, the construction to the completed building it is incredible to watch each building change the shape of this beautiful city.

Union Station. The history and the significance of the building are extraordinary! 

I can recite every line from LOTR (yes all three) and enjoy spending my “down time” nerding out gaming.

Lirad Kligman

The Yorkville Team

Get to Know Lirad

Our industry’s drive towards innovation and the ambition of its people.

Theatre Park – the slim, contemporary profile and diagonal bands make this tower a visual treat.

Before getting into real estate, I ran a mobile oyster bar company. If you have any oyster-related questions, direct them to this guy.

James Allen

Altus Group

Get to Know James

The vibrancy and evolution of the downtown core, I really am a proponent of true mixed use buildings and the value it brings to Toronto residents.

QRC (Queen Richmond Centre) I value the blend of old and new and how Tier A office building was integrated into the exterior façade. What an innovation!

As a kid I had a flurry in acting / extra work, I did have a small role in Scarlett which was released in 1994.

Avalon Olivadoti

Altus group

Get to Know Avalon

I love being a part of making this city into something great and watching Toronto transform into a world class destination.

I love Brookfield place around Christmas time. The Allen Lambert Galleria, designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava connects Bay Street with Sam Pollock Square. The pedestrian thoroughfare is illuminated at night and its very beautiful. I walk through it daily on my way home.

I love volleyball and play on a few real estate teams in Toronto.

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